Technical Amendments Related to Licensed Farm Breweries
June 10, 2013 – This technical memorandum explains the amendments to the Alcoholic Beverage Tax Regulations that allow distributors licensed as farm breweries to file annual beer tax returns… (read more)

Governor Cuomo and Legislative Leaders Announce Agreement to Strengthen and Support New York’s Craft Breweries
June 2012 – The legislation will protect an important tax benefit for small breweries that produce beer in New York, exempt breweries that produce small batches of beer (regardless of location) from paying an annual State Liquor Authority fee, and create a Farm Brewery license that will allow craft brewers to expand their operations through opening restaurants or selling new products… (read more)

Statement Released Regarding Agreement Between Governor and Legislative Leaders to Protect the Craft Brewing Industry
The New York Brewers Association released the following statement from David Katleski, Association president and owner Empire Brewing in Syracuse, in response to widespread reports that Governor Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders have reached an agreement on legislation… (read more)

Beer Economic Impact Nationally
Today, the beer industry as a whole directly and indirectly employs more than 1.8 million Americans, paying them $71.2 billion in wages and benefits… (read more)

Economic Impact of the Beer Industry in New York
According to The Beer Institute’s 2010 data, New York State Breweries alone help to generate over $2 billion in taxes for the federal, state and local government while also paying over $446 million in taxes… (read more)

Selling Craft Beer
From higher margins to more loyal customers, craft beer is the best use of valuable draught real estate and bottle lists… (read more)

Support Your Local Brewery
A surprising ruling by New York State has struck down the excise tax exemption for small brewers which will result in an increase in the price you pay for your craft beer at the tap or in the store… (read more)

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